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10 Reasons I'm Glad They're Changing STAFF PreRelease Promos

If you haven’t heard, PreRelease STAFF promos are getting a change. Here is one of many short paragraphs on changes to PreReleases that was sent yesterday to eligible Organized Play PreRelease hosts.

  • “STAFF stamped promo cards will now be packaged in units of 4 (one of each set’s promo), and will be sent independently of the Prerelease product. These cards must go to the Professors or volunteers that assist with your tournament, and are not to be sold or used as prizing.
  • STAFF promos are allocated based on your approved number of Prerelease product orders, growth product orders will not increase this number; requests for additional STAFF stamped promo cards will be denied.”

This means that there will no longer be random STAFF promo distribution, as has been the case up until now. Instead, every PreRelease kit purchased by an organizer will come with a single, sealed pack (likely cellophane like other event promos) containing one of each of the four STAFF promo variants. While this change does take away some of the chase involved in hunting down a complete set, there is now a sealed STAFF promo pack to collect.

What prompted the change? If you’re not in the loop as to why a change like this might be demanded, I’ll give you ten reasons that I am personally glad to see individually packaged promos instead of the loose promos placed on top of the prerelease kit.











This is just Crimson Invasion and just the images that have hit various groups online in the first couple of days following the beginning of PreReleases. The problem should be painfully obvious by now. And I imagine that Pokemon’s Organized Play representatives are wading through tickets related to the issue. Unfortunately, for every pro there must be a con interjected by Pokemon. They’re slashing the prize/staff support packs PreRelease organizers have per kit from 12 to 6. Proving that the best way to handle the perennial hard sell that is the Pokemon PreRelease is to, uh, make it harder to justify doing them at all?

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Charlie Hurlocker