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I Love Gold! - Top 5 Most Expensive Pokémon Sword & Shield Cards!

All prices (US Dollars) on this list are accurate as of 10/02/2020, and are taken directly from the lowest available prices from, one of the largest Pokémon TCG marketplaces in the world.

5 – Professor's Research Full Art 201/202 ($31.98) & Hyper Rare 209/202 ($37.98)

Just so the Top 5 list isn't dominated with these new full art Trainer cards, I've decided to group both of the two arts together as their prices are similar. Many players of the Pokémon TCG will recognise the powerful effect of Professor's Research straight away, having the same card text as Professor Sycamore & Professor Juniper in the past.

Despite discarding your entire hand, drawing seven new cards is incredibly powerful and allows you to find your key Pokémon and other items much easier than with Cynthia and Lillie from previous sets. Many decks over the next three years will use 3-4 copies of these cards.

Perhaps the only reason these cards aren't pricier than they are now is because Professor Magnolia (who is featured on the card) isn't as popular of a character as Marnie, Sonia and other younger-looking characters in the Sword & Shield video games.

4 - Zacian V Full Art 195/202 ($39.92)

Despite no official tournaments being able to use Sword & Shield cards until February 21st, new legendary Pokémon Zacian V has received a ton of hype after doing well in many different events in Japan. Mascot Pokémon from new generations are often usually popular when a Base Set of cards come out.

Even if you aren't a player of the game, its easy to see that doing 230 damage for three Energy, with only a minor drawback, is a really powerful attack. The ability also can be useful in both the early and later stages of the game.

I've spent the past month testing different versions of decks that use Zacian V and I'd have to agree that it's power level accurately reflect the current prices ($29.94 for the regular art card), especially as you need a minimum of three copies of the card. Until we get a promo card (perhaps in our Spring tins) of Zacian V, don't expect any versions of to drop under $25 before that happens.

3 - Marnie Full Art 200/202 ($37.98) & Marnie 208/202 ($39.98)

Marnie is possibly one of the most popular new characters amongst Pokémon video game fans, so it's not a surprise that her powerful full art Trainer cards are both extremely sought-after.

Long story short, Marnie is a beefed up version of the Judge Supporter card from previous sets. You get to draw five cards where as your opponent only gets to draw four. What makes it even more powerful is that the cards you shuffle in beforehand get put to the bottom of the deck, meaning you'll always get to draw a fresh five cards.

Like with Professor's Research above, Marnie will see a lot of play in competitive tournament decks over the next three years, hence the current price tag for both arts of this full art Trainer. This factory, combined with her popularity, makes these versions of Marnie another card that's likely to drop in price much in the short-term.

2 - Quick Ball Secret Rare 216/202 ($44.98)

Many people that came into both collecting and playing the Pokémon TCG after the release of Sun & Moon base set will remember the hype and excitement surrounding the full art Ultra Ball trainer card that released in 2017. That card went as high as $80-90 around the time of the set launch.

Quick Ball may not seem as obviously powerful as Ultra Ball as you can only use it to search for Basic Pokémon, however don't be fooled by the much lower price tag for this Secret Rare, Quick Ball is THE best Trainer card from Sword & Shield and already the vast majority of decks have this card as a four-of in their lists.

Perhaps due to the Ultra Ball secret rare being the first of the full-art gold Trainer cards we saw when Sun & Moon were released there was more hype surrounding it which reflected its price in 2017, but it is surprising to see in the UK that some sellers on Facebook groups are selling the Quick Ball full art as low as $25-30. I'd definitely pick up a playset of them now whilst you can, it wouldn't surprise me to see Quick Ball feature in every deck for the next three years, unless we get a reprint of Nest Ball or Ultra Ball.

1 - Zacian V Secret Rare (Gold) 211/202 ($59.98)

With the full art version of Zacian V at number four on this list, it's not a shock to anyone that it's gold secret rare version is the clear number one, most expensive card from Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Many players of the TCG like to “flex” and purchase the highest rarity versions of cards, so it's no surprise that the highest rarity of Zacian V, a card that you need 3-4 copies of to work in a deck, commands it's hefty $60 price tag.

What's more interesting to see though is that the gold secret rare version of Zamzenta V (much less playable) is less than half the price of the Zacian V secret rare. Even more astonishing you can actually purchase that card ($24.48) cheaper than the regular art of Zacian V currently ($29.94) and still have change to spare.

With both the Sword & Shield video games being amongst the fastest selling Pokémon games in the world, it might be a good investment in the future to pick up both of these (or at least Zamazenta V) in the future to PSA grade as an investment.

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield released worldwide on February 7th 2020 and is available from all major gaming and hobby shops.


Stephen Kent – Ludkins Editor