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Like a BOSS! - Rebellion Clash (s2) Secret Rare Pokemon Cards REVEALED!

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Stores in Japan have revealed photos of the secret rare cards from Rebellion Clash (s2). As well as a gorgeous full art “Boss's Orders” card featuring Giovanni, there are also amazing full art Pokémon V card of fan favourites such as Ninetales and Dragapult. Let's take a closer look!

The big headline from this reveal has to be stunning full art Boss's Orders (Giovanni) Supporter card. Fans of the Team Rocket leader have been spoiled recently, as full art Supporter cards featuring Giovanni and Jessie & James were in last year's Hidden Fates set.

As well as collectors desiring this card (and it's rainbow version, also in the same set), players will be scrambling to get hold of Boss's Orders when we likely get it in our English-language set this May, Rebel Clash. It has the powerful effect to swap one of your opponent's benched Pokémon with their active, the same as Lysandre in the past.

Also shown off from the 97 (+ secret rares) card set, includes the secret rare (full art?) versions of the V Pokémon in the set. There are eight in total including Gen 1 favourite Ninetales, powerful Galar Pokémon Dragapult, and TCG favourite Malamar.

Unlike the vast majority of the V Pokémon from our Sword & Shield base set (Zacian V aside), many of these cards have a lot of potential to make a strong impression on the competitive side of the Pokémon TCG when they are released in May's Rebel Clash.

In particular Eldegoss V with it's powerful Supporter recovering Ability, Milotic V being able to do huge damage against Tag Teams and heavy retreat-cost Pokémon, and Ninetales V copying attacks of the opponent's active Pokémon, there is a lot to love for both collectors and players in Rebellion Clash.

As with previous Sword & Shield series sets, all of the VMAX (Stage 1) Pokémon cards get the new glittery rainbow treatment, as well as the new full art Supporter cards. I haven't been a huge fan of these yet, but perhaps the right Pokémon just needs to come along!

Also shown off was a full art, gold secret rare reprint of the Galarian Perrserker from Sword & Shield Base Set. This has the powerful ability to give all your Metal Pokémon +20 damage, so will likely be in high demand when the set is released. As we also got a full art Frosmoth card in VMAX Rising, it looks likely we'll continue to get this style of Pokémon in every set for the next few months at least.

Tool Scrapper also makes a welcome return to the Pokémon TCG and also gets the full art treatment. There is no reliable way to remove those pesky Pokémon Tool cards currently in the Standard format, so this is a much-welcomed reprint.

Rebellion Clash releases on March 6 2020 in Japan and contains 97 new cards plus secret rares.

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Stephen Kent – Ludkins Editor

(Big thanks to Pokebeach for sourcing the images! Check out all the secret rares on their website)