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NEW Charizards?! - Charizard V & Charizard VMAX Pokemon Cards Confirmed

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The long-awaited Charizard V and Charizard VMAX Pokemon cards have been officially revealed in Japan! Alongside Grimmsnarl V & VMAX, they will be available in special theme decks on March 27 2020.

Ever since we first learned about Pokemon V cards, collectors and fans have been speculating and predicting to when our favourite fire-breathing lizard Pokemon would get his first card. We can finally confirm that the first Charizard V and Charizard VMAX cards will be released very soon in Japan.

Charizard V Japan

I really love the clean, strong look of Charizard V, as often GX Pokemon cards have a lot of text that can obstruct the artwork. I also can't wait to see in person how awesome Charizard VMAX looks in person as cards like Snorlax VMAX and Lapras VMAX do look really awesome. Both cards also have good potential to see competitive play due to their high HP and damage output. See the bottom of the article for the translations.

They will be available inside of the sealed Sword & Shield Starter Sets VMAX Charizard decks, which are similar to the Battle Arena theme decks we get in English. This deck, alongside the Grimmsnarl version, will release on March 27 (2020) and will contain:

  • 60 card deck (60 cards)
  • Damage counter / Marker sheet
  • Pokemon coin
  • Playmat
  • Player's Guide

What is unknown currently is what the other cards are that are included in the Starter Sets, as well as if it contains multiple copies of Charizard V/VMAX.

The next big question is of course, when will we be getting these stunning Charizard cards in English? Often the cards from these Japanese Starter Decks often getting a release in either the next or the second next main sets.

Charizard VMAX

May's next English set Rebel Clash, doesn't feature Charizard in any capacity on the booster pack artwork, Elite Trainer Box, etc. So it seems extremely unlikely that the Charizard V cards will be making their debut in that set. Most likely we will receive them as part of our currently unnamed August main set..

We have also not seen any sign of a full-art/secret rare Charizard V or a hyper/rainbow rare version of Charizard VMAX yet. Japan's April set, Explosive Walker, features many fire Pokemon and potentially that could be a good place for them to release secret rare versions of Charizard V/VMAX if they wanted to.

Popular new Dark-type Pokemon Grimmsnarl also makes his card debut in the other Starter Decks. Grimmsnarl V and Grimmsnarl VMAX both look strong and likely will see play if they receive support in Japan's May set featuring Eternatus V/VMAX.

I'm definitely going to be picking up both Starter Decks myself just because the boxes look amazing, and I'll definitely be looking to PSA grade both Charizard V and Charizard VMAX cards as well!


Stephen Kent – Ludkins Editor 

Translations and news courtesy of Pokeguardian :

Charizard VMAX

[C][C][C] Claw Slash - 100

[F][F][F][C][C] Max Wildfire - 300

Discard 2 Energy cards from this Pokemon

Grimmsnarl VMAX

[D][D][D] Max Drill 170+

This attack does 50 more damage for each extra Dark Energy (in addition to this attack’s cost) attached to this Pokémon. You can’t add more than 100 damage this way.

Charizard V

[C][C][C] Claw Slash 80

[R][R][C][C] Fire Spin 220

Discard 2 Energy from this Pokémon.

Grimmsnarl V

[D] Bite 40

[D][D][D] Spiky Knuckle 200

Return 2 Dark Energy from this Pokémon to your hand.