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Our FIRST Sword & Shield Prerelease Promo Pokémon Cards!

We've finally had a look at our first bunch of Sword & Shield Prerelease promo cards! Featuring Cinccino, Frosmoth, Galarian Perrserker and Rillaboom, these are amongst the best promos Pokémon cards we've ever had for a set! Let's take a closer look at these four new cards!

The Sword & Shield base set launches worldwide on February 7th 2020, and as is tradition with main Pokemon TCG sets, we get Prerelease (sneak peek) events two weeks beforehand where players and collectors alike gather to battle with the new cards and pick them up early.

Each Prerelease Build & Battle box will contain one of these special SwSh black star promos (without the “Staff” stamp), amongst other cards used to build your deck with for the fun tournaments at the events. Let's take a closer look at these four new promo cards!

Cincinno – SWSH009 Promo

The only Pokemon featured not introduced in the Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield video games, this cute and cheerful Cinccino will still be sought after by both players and collectors of the game.

Featuring a powerful ability (effectively the same as the highly-played Zoroark-GX) that allows you to draw two cards by discarding another from your hand, Cinccino will likely be a great partner to many decks that require you to go through your deck quickly to find combo pieces.

Despite not being as powerful as an attacker as Zoroark-GX, Cinncino will definitely see a home in MANY different decks in the future I'm sure, especially with the attack requiring Colorless (any) energy.

Stephen's Pokéscore – 8/10

Frosmoth – SWSH007 Promo

Snom (for some reason unknown to me!) has taken the internet by storm, so many fans of the video games will be thrilled that we get an amazing card featuring its Stage 1 evolution Frosmoth.

The “Ice Dance” ability is similar to “Rain Dance” and “Deluge” we've seen from Blastoise cards in the past, and effectively allows you to flood your board with many Water Energy cards and get off a big attack in one turn.

With Lapras V and Lapras VMAX cards coming in Sword & Shield, many players will be be very excited to try this card out with those, and all the other of dozens of other Water Pokemon that will undoubtedly be printed in the next two years. I'm personally not as excited as we don't have a “Fiery Flint” type Item or Stadium for Water Energy, but I'm sure someone will definitely make Frosmoth work in the coming weeks!

Stephen's Pokéscore – 7/10

Galarian Perrserker – SWSH008 Promo

Despite not being as obviously strong as the other three promos, I'm most personally excited about this Galarian Perrserker card for its immediate impact on the game.

Frosmoth and Rillaboom don't have the most amazing partners in this set, so I feel they are ones for the future once more Water & Grass type V Pokemon are printed. However Galarian Perrserker could easily find a place straight away alongside decks that have the Zacian V card. With just two of these on the bench, Zacian V's attack goes up to a whopping 270 damage, and that is without any other damage modifiers!

In Japan they received a Galarian Meowth promo card with the ability that allowed you to discard two cards from your hand and search your deck for a Galarian Perrserker. If we get this in our Sword & Shield base set, this card will potentially be insane! I can't wait to try it out.

FUN FACT – In the video games Galarian Perrserker is referred to just as “Perrserker”. Perhaps we will soon receive a whole bunch of Trainer cards and other Pokemon that interact with Galarian Pokemon, similar to Ultra Beast and Alolan Pokemon over the past two years of Sword & Shield.

Stephen's Pokéscore – 9/10

Rillaboom – SWSH006 Promo

Despite all three Stage 2 first partner Sword & Shield Pokemon cards having powerful abilities, Rillaboom is the lucky one that gets printed as a Prerelease promo. I'm definitely not complaining, there is a lot to love about this Pokemon!

Featuring a whopping 170 HP and a solid 140 damage attack makes the card solid on its own, but it's really the Ability that steals the show. Voltage Beat is similar to Vikavolt's (Guardian Rising) Ability, but allows you attach two Grass Energy cards from your deck to one of your Pokemon, making powering them up a lot easier.

Grass has really struggled in the Pokemon TCG over the past year, so it's great to see this Rilaboom debuting at the start of the Sword & Shield era. There might not be very many powerful attackers to pair with it currently, but it's definitely worth to keep a couple of these for future sets releases.

Stephen's Pokéscore – 7/10

Each of these cards will also be holo (or non-holo rare) versions in the main set with different arts, so if you can't make the prerelease events you can still pick them up when the set launches.

Prerelease (sneak peek) events start worldwide from January 25th 2020, and are the perfect introduction to playing the Pokemon TCG if you've never had a game before. Find your local prerelease events here:


Stephen Kent – Ludkins Editor

(Big THANKS to Dolly's Toys and Games West for the images of the promo cards!)