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PSA Now Grade All Pokemon SNAP Cards - Update

This is why PSA now grade all ten variants of the Japanese Pokémon SNAP cards.

Previous Article Brief

In 2017 PSA was reluctant to grade the Pokémon SNAP Charmander, Squirtle and Articuno cards. With just 20 copies of each SNAP variant, it meant their research department had little or no reference to prove the items were legitimate.

Original Article
PSA Do Not Grade 3 out of 10 $3000+ Snap Cards.

The reason PSA would not grade them is that all three cards, like the other seven in existence, have Japanese writing on the bottom right of the card border. The translation of this writing is as follows:

“Best photo competition winners card.”

However, in the Japanese collector’s guide, which has been dubbed “The Silver Bible” printed stock images of the SNAP cards, without said writing. Bulbapedia, a well-known Pokémon Wikipedia, also used scans found within the collector’s book which meant PSA had no point of reference to authenticate the card.

Silver Bible Article

The Silver Bible: The Path to Japanese Pokemon TCG Enlightenment

A New Journey – Just Not My Own

A few months after launching the first article, @OnlyCollectables (Mohsin) contacted me. He knew I was the first to attempt to grade the SNAP Charmander and PSA refused to authenticate it. Knowing this, he asked if PSA supplied us with any additional information for their reasoning being their decision. He was aware of my original article, and I referred him back to that, simply because, everything we knew was already documented.

Mohsin informed me that he had the correct images of the Charmander, Articuno and Squirtle and wanted to submit them to Bulbapedia but didn’t know how to do it. While not being able to reach them on a contact page; he did manage to communicate with them directly via their Bulbapedia discord. Almost a month later, Mohsin contacted me again, showing that the platform updated the SNAP cards with correct images.

At the time, Mohsin wanted to submit a few SNAP cards to PSA for an unnamed collector. He was concerned that my original article would hinder PSA from grading the three cards and wanted me to take my article temporarily offline.

I disagreed and explained that the article would likely benefit our mutually desired outcome. Because Bulbapedia was updated (PSA’s main point of reference), there’s now my in-depth article explaining why PSA was wrong in the first place.

Mohsin went ahead and shipped the cards to PSA. A few weeks had passed, and voila, he messaged me with images of the results. PSA is now grading the three cards. While the Articuno was not sent away to be graded at the time, it’s proof that PSA would now grade at least the Charmander and Squirtle. Since our last contact, I’m happy to say PSA now grade the Articuno.

While writing this article update, I reached out to Mohsin, and he said that he’s finally purchased an Articuno for himself and he’s sending it to PSA next week.

We wish him the best of luck on his result!

What This Means

For those collecting Pokémon SNAP cards, it means they can now purchase graded copies of many variants without the concern of the others being rejected. If they are lucky enough to find an ungraded copy, now they will have an option to authenticate the card(s) and obtain peace of mind by doing so.

We understand that all companies need to protect themselves and not authenticate items without proper documentation and research. It could hold them financially liable to the item’s buyer many years down the line.

With the cards being incredibly rare, only 20 copies of each, to any serious collector the sky is now the limit.


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Barney Ludkins