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Regarding COVID-19 and PSA

UPDATE 26/05/20

PSA are likely to be impacted on all orders going forward. While we know they are focusing on 20 day orders as priority, we have never and neither have PSA guaranteed turnaround times. It has always been an estimate so any client sending grading with us should always expect slight delays during this time.

Do keep in mind our offers will always be faster than the general public but impact of the virus is not yet known.

With regards to standard orders, we know they are still running at a limited capacity due to their focus on 20 day or faster options.

Additionally PSA are now taking between 3-4 weeks to register items on to their system. It is after this period where the actual countdown of business days begins.

Stay Safe.

- Team LC

UPDATE 05/05/20

As you may know, PSA are now accepting larger orders, but they are still running at limited/restricted capacity. We have already messaged our submitters directly to let them know their order status and that the virus would impact turnaround times.

For future submissions, the UK service will be up and running with our deadline date being the 23rd of May.

Due to the safety of staff and our customers, we will no longer meet in person for any pick-ups and drop-offs until further notice. Additionally, we will be submitting once a month to PSA; this is instead of our bi-monthly shipments. We feel this will give customers enough time to take reasonable precautions to send their cards to us safely while also limiting staff's exposure.

Our customers and staff's safety are our main priority.

Stay safe.

- Team LC

UPDATE 15/04/2020

You may have heard that PSA are slowly opening up but with limited capacity. While this is true, it should be noted that this will continue to impact turnaround times.

Being PSA’s largest customer we have access to an account manager, this is what he said:

Good Morning Barney,

I hope you, your family, and colleagues are all well and staying safe.

Collectors Universe is still officially closed.

“We are not open to the public but we do have a small skeleton crew coming into the office to finish some orders. Those who have decided to come in, are working short shifts, in isolation. We are not even at half-strength. Some departments only have 1-2 people working.

You definitely cannot run your service as normal because we cannot hold the turnaround time right now.

Take care”

Please remain safe and we will update you once we know more.

- Team LC

UPDATE 20/03/2020:
Pursuant to Executive Order N-33-20, issued on March 19, 2020 by the Governor of California, PSA have closed office until further notice.

This means all orders at PSA should be considered frozen in terms of turnaround times and order progress.

Ludkins will continue to update this article when we know more. 

Ludkins UK/EU:
Will no accepting any more orders until further notice.

We hope you all stay safe.

- Team LC

UPDATE 18/03/2020:

Hi Again!

A mere six hours later, it appears Orange County, California has reversed their decision and PSA will remain open from March 19th. This can change quite quickly, so for now it's business as usual. We will keep you updated.

Hello Ludkins Community,

As many of you are already aware, Orange County, California made a declaration last night that all non-essential businesses must close for the remainder of the month. This includes PSA's primary facility.

What this means for you: Ludkins Collectables has contingency plans in place for both the US and UK offices. These are outlined below. 

Turnaround times will be affected for all submission levels. Anyone with cards at PSA should consider their order frozen until the government permits PSA to resume business.

Ludkins Collectables UK/EU Plan of Action Statement:

- We will continue to stay open.
- We will continue to accept and pre-screen packages sent into us.
- No send-off deadlines will be set until it's clear when we're able to send back into PSA.
- No payments will be requested for those who continue to submit until 1 week prior to confirming that we'll be able to dispatch to PSA.
- Ludkins UK/EU are currently operating at full capacity, however, should any of the workforce pick up any symptoms of the virus, this will be subject to change. We're taking as many precautions as possible to reduce the risk.
- Clients who opt to send in must understand cards may sit with us longer than they may anticipate but will remain safely stored in the meantime. Should clients send in and decide to have their cards returned prior to dispatching to PSA, pre-screening fees and return shipping costs will apply.

Ludkins Collectables USA Plan of Action Statement: 

Ludkins USA will operate on a normal schedule. The only change to operations at this time is the absence of a specific deadline. All cards collected will be grouped up until PSA is able to accept submissions at their primary facilities again. 

Anything in the care of either PSA or ourselves remains fully insured and properly stored. This is a quickly changing situation that we are monitoring closely. We will continue to provide information publicly through our social media and directly to our customers via email as soon as we receive the information and are able to verify it. 

-Your Ludkins Team