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SNAP Starter Trio for Sale in Historic First!

Ludkins Collectables provided scans of the first publicly-documented Charmander SNAP card in June of 2017. This was the first copy to sell, and it has since sold for $10,000 USD. But round two is upon us as another SNAP Charmander has appeared on Yahoo Japan! And this time, he’s got friends.

This is the second public purchase opportunity ever for the SNAP Charmander, the second public auction of a SNAP Bulbasaur, and the second time a Squirtle has been depicted online, period. This insane opportunity comes from a recent Yahoo Japan figure who has consistently listed high-end items, suggesting they’ve been a long-time collector or are in connection with someone who has been. What is clear is that we do not know when another opportunity like this will come again (if ever).

The prices are high, equating to roughly $15,000 USD each on average. This would have been considered obscene a few years ago, but the recent Charmander sale brings these prices into the realm of possibility, albeit the high end of the reasonable range. While no one has snapped them up yet (wink wink), the next few days could be history-defining for SNAP card prices. Of course, the question on most high-end collector’s minds is obvious: is the SNAP Pikachu next? Only time will tell.

If you’re interested in seeing the auctions yourself, you can follow the links below:

SNAP Charmander

SNAP Squirtle

SNAP Bulbasaur

‘til next time,

Charlie Hurlocker