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Top 5 Christmas Pokémon TCG Cards!

When you think of "Christmas", the Pokémon TCG isn't generally the first thing that comes to mind, however there are quite a few festive-themed cards out there if you look hard enough! Here are my Top 5 Christmas Pokémon Cards!

I've had a good look through the majority of English language cards (and some Japanese promos) for this Top 5, and it was surprising that even for Pokémon you would associate more often with Christmas (Jynx and Delibird come to mind), there are actually few Christmas themed arts or cards out there.

If there are any other Christmas-themed cards you feel should have made this Top 5, feel free to let us know on our Facebook page!

#5 - Pokémon TCG Countdown Calendar Snowflake Cards

These are the only cards on this list that feature special stamps or other features to give them more of an association with Christmas, but just for the sake of how awesome they are, I HAD to include the 23 Countdown Calendar cards that have the unique gold snowflake stamp (Pikachu is the only one with a silver snowflake).

The Countdown Calendar released in October 2008, and to this day I believe is the only official Advent Calendar-style product that has been made available to the public through normal store/purchase means.

Due to how unique the calendar was, plus the temptation to open it for the Diamond & Pearl booster packs, it's hard to find a sealed copy 11 years on for less than $400 (USD). I would love to own and open one of these one day!

#4 - Snow-cloud Castform - EX Hidden Legends 25/101

Possibly the Pokémon with the nicest background and art from all featured on our Top 5 list is this beautiful Snow-cloud Castform card.

Despite not actually having any direct association with Christmas, or featuring presents or anything in particular, sometimes just having an awesome winter wonderland as a background is enough to have it feel festive and make you wish your country actually got snow in December!

#3 – Delibird – DP Great Encounters 36/106

Whenever you think of “Christmas Pokémon”, often the first one you'll think of is probably Delibird. Being the only Pokémon that can naturally learn the “Present” attack in the video games, and that it looks like they are often holding a big sack of Christmas presents (its tail), its not hard to see why these Pokémon are often associated with this time of year.

Surprisingly none of the half-a-dozen (or so) Delibird cards actually feature anything festive, or even them holding any presents. So for this list I went for the most festive, happy looking Delibird possible. It definitely looks like they are ready for the holidays!

#2 – 2014 Toys R Us XY Pikachu Promo Jumbo

If this card was an English promo that was also available in normal size, it would definitely rock the top spot on this list. This stunning jumbo card was only given out around Christmas time 2014 at Toys R Us stores in Japan, and features Pikachu getting up all sorts of mischief with Gen 3 First Partner Pokémon Treecko, Mudkip and Torchic.

To this day due to how unique it is (I couldn't find any other Christmas-themed Japanese exclusive promos/cards after a brief search), and the awesome artwork, its not a surprise the cheapest one I could find on eBay was $75.00 (USD). Definitely one I'll be keeping an eye out for in the future.

#1 – Flaaffy – Expedition 77/165

I would of never gone on to make this Top 5 list if it wasn't for this stunning Flaafy card. I presumed after seeing this one, featuring Flaafy sitting in front of a beautifully illustrated Christmas tree, that there were many more festive themed cards, and I was quite disappointed to see there wasn't!

Mitsuhiro Arita knocks it out of the park once again with the art of this card. Absolutely one that should be a part of every collectors binder, even if they aren't a fan of Christmas or Flaafy!

Seasons greetings everyone! May Arceus bless your pulls over the holidays!


Stephen Kent – Ludkins Collectables Editor