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Top 6 Alternate Art Tag Team GX Pokémon Cards!

Since Sun & Moon: Team Up released earlier in the year, we've been blessed with many gorgeous and simply COOL alternate art Tag Team GX Pokémon cards. Let's take a closer look at our favourites!

Despite new additions (such as hyper/rainbow rares) to the Pokémon TCG not being overly popular among traditional collectors, many have been enjoying seeing two (or more!) of their favourite Pokémon teaming up on the new Tag Team GX cards.

The most popular of these have to be the "alternate art" Tag Team GX cards, which aside from the regular art GXs, are the ones that give the artists the most freedom and creativity in which to express their talents.

This list will not comprise of the few Tag Team GX cards yet to be released in English, as we are unlikely to see most of them until our August mini in 2020, and due to the larger amount of text needed, it might end up ruining the design slightly. If they could be included, the beautiful Togepi & Cleffa & Igglybuff-GX  from SM12a would definitely be in the Top 6!

#6 - Latias & Latios-GX - 170/181 Team Up

Despite being possibly seeing the least amount of play in tournaments from the cards on our list, this alternate art Tag Team GX manages to buck all the trends, and still regularly sells for $25+ (USD).

It's easy to see why, Latias and Latios have always been a popular legendary duo, but having their bodies forming a heart shape in the middle is a master-stroke of genius. Combined with the sunset in the background, this is a real beauty of a card that is often also purchased by casual fans to gift to their partners or loved ones!

#5 - Mewtwo & Mew-GX - SM191 Sun & Moon Promo

Featuring possibly two of the most iconic Pokémon on our list, this card received a ton of hype and love ever since the GX Tag Team tins were released in September 2019. This card also possibly tells the best "story" from all the alternate art Tag Team GXs.

It's easy for parents and other people alike to relate with Mewtwo's feelings of being fed up with his caregiver/babysitting role, and Mew laughing and having a great time all the while! Combined with this card being probably the most powerful tournament card on our list, it's a very worthy inclusion.

#4 - Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX - 221/236 Cosmic Eclipse

This card may not look much from the image, but I can assure you that in person, the statue forms of the Gen 4 "Creation Trio" Arceus, Dialga and Palkia really pops and sticks out from the surface of the card. 

In the recent Detective Pikachu movie, we also see these three as statues in the back of Howard Clifford's office, which is a nice nod to those Pokémon that aren't actually properly seen in person throughout the movie. This card also has a ton of potential in tournaments due to it's GX attack, and will likely increase in price from its $25-30 value at the moment. 

#3 - Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX - SM210 Sun & Moon Promo

Much has been written on this blog before about this stunning stained glass promo card featuring all three Gen 1 legendary birds. What really sets this out from other alternate art Tag Team GXs though is how beautiful it is in person. The use of colours and textures really makes the card pop.

What makes this card even more amazing is that it is by far the cheapest card on this list. Not overly playable in tournaments and being mass released as the promo card in the Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box, means you can still pick this card up now for $7-8 or there abouts. I'm definitely PSA grading and stockpiling a bunch of these as future investments.

#2 - Magikarp & Wailord-GX - 161/181 Team Up

Possibly the most simple art from all the Tag Team GXs we've seen over the past year, but this by far is still one of my favourites. In terms of art and pure joy of the card, I would put this as my no.1 Magikarp card of all time due to how much space the iconic "wimpy" fish Pokémon takes up, and that it's dynamic due to it popping out of Wailord's blowhole.

I can see this card going places in the future, especially once Team Up becomes more sparse, pick them up for $15ish now whilst you can and it's not seeing much play in tournaments! Another fine piece of art from OOYAMA, showing often less is more!

#1 - Blastoise & Piplup-GX - 215/236 Cosmic Eclipse

Possibly a controversial choice for my number one alternate art Tag Team GX card, but I don't care, I absolutely love everything about this card! After some really disappointing Blastoise cards over the past five years or so, it's fantastic to see the pure joy and simplistic design of this card. I'm not the biggest fan of Piplup, but I must admit they make an amazing pairing, it looks like it's having an amazing time making bubbles with Blastoise!

It's another one of these cards that looks even more amazing in person, the use of colours, textures etc. At the moment there isn't much support for Water-type Pokémon in competitive play, so this card can be found for $15 or less. Definitely worth picking up, I can't ever see this card dropping much, especially in the long term!

There you go, my Top 6 alternate art Tag Team GX Pokémon! Do you agree with my list? Which Pokémon cards do you think should have been included? Let us know on our  Facebook page!


Stephen Kent – Ludkins Editor