UK/EU Service Terms and Conditions

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UK/EU Service Terms and Conditions

Hello and thank you for choosing Ludkins Collectables. The UK’s and Europe’s only authorised PSA Grading Service. By using this service you automatically accept the terms and conditions outlined below and on our website including our privacy policy.

1 Submitting Your Cards

1.1 Please place your cards in brand new clean soft sleeves and toploaders. We ask that the user covers the toloader opening to secure the card in its toploader. Should the user send more than one card then one must bind the cards together in piles with one piece of tape horizontally and vertically (See Page 10). Sticky tabs on the soft sleeve are also preferred. Should the user tape the toploaders individually, or use tight sleeves or use multiple sleeves the sender will be charged hourly in additional fees for us to remove it carefully.

1.2 Please ensure that you send to us securely with adequate insurance to the address we provide.

1.3 Please notify when you send your item(s) and you must write your name and return address on the package.

1.4 Ludkins Collectables does not accept any responsibility for cards/items in transit to us nor upon signature. We provide recommendations on how to ship but it is solely the discretion of the sender whether they follow our instructions or use their own methods. Ludkins collectables is not liable for cards until after prescreening.

1.5 Cards must be postmarked by the 15th of any given month (UK only) in order to qualify for the submission that occurs at the beginning of the following month. We cannot accept cards from that date. Should this date have passed we will process them the following month.

1.6 Pre-screen will be conducted up to twenty business days after arrival. Should your cards arrive passed the deadline we will not begin to pre-screen your cards until after the following deadline. However, we will let you know your cards have arrived safely.

1.7 Ludkins Collectables maintains a high standard of care when it comes to pre-screening. We take extreme care and thus will not be liable should the user claim any damage.

1.8 The user must state what cards they would like to have graded/not graded within 24 hours of receipt of the pre-screen.

1.9 Ludkins Collectables (USA) only accepts orders within the United States. If a user attempts to send their cards to us from outside this zone we will refuse the items at the border. The sender will be subject to any import duty in order to receive them back. Should they pass through the border legally, there will be a minimum charge of $60 to return the items back to you. Every effort will be taken to send the package both signed for and tracked but Ludkins Collectables will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

1.10 For any PSA case damage, the customer must report it to us immediately and have it with us no latter than two weeks after receiving them. This is to ensure we can correct this free of charge. After this two week period you may have to pay to have these corrected.

1.11 For our privacy policy please see:

1.12 We reserve the right to refuse any potential customer at our discretion.

2 Payments

2.1 Ludkins Collectables accepts PayPal as their only method of payment.

2.2 The user must make payment by the 1st of the month in which the user intends to have their cards shipped to PSA.

2.3 Should the user not have paid by this date we have the right to decline your order and retain your cards until the full pre-screen is paid for with return postage.

2.4 At our discretion we may decide to send your cards to PSA and delay your payment by 15 days.

2.5 Should you not pay 15 days after the deadline for any given month the user will incur a 10% charge based on the price of their total order.

2.6 If the client does not make payment after the 15 days then a 10% compound charge will be added every 15 days until the total payment is made. If the payment has not been made within 90 days then the cards/items will be sold to reclaim any fees and charges outstanding. Any remaining money will be sent back to the client.

3 Loss of Package/Insurance

3.1 We are not responsible for items in transit from the client to us. This responsibility falls on the client only.

3.2 When Ludkins Collectables ships to PSA the package are insured up to £60,000. In the event of loss, all clients will be asked to provide proof of receipt to show the insurer what is owed.

3.3 Each months order is broken down into submissions, meaning PSA will treat each submission as an entirely different order. This allows between 50-150 but not limited to cards to be graded and returned at once.

3.4 In the event of an insurance claim the customer may be expected to wait up to a period of 60 days but not limited to, to allow the insurance company to conduct their investigation.

3.5 Upon return from PSA to Ludkins Collectables the package is insured for a maximum of £60,000 of the current graded card market value.

3.6 The current market value is determined by the average of the last 2 cards sold on eBay. Should there not be 2 recent sales then an independent valuation by an official third party dealer/trader who is recognised, as an expert in the market place for this type of product will value said product(s). If no valuation is available the user is insured for the purchase price with proof of receipt.

3.7 Transit from Ludkins Collectibles back to clients in the United Kingdom and European Union will only be limited to £30,000 on any one conveyance. Please refer to clause 3.6 for valuation information.

3.8 Damaged items (from the UK to PSA for grading). We shall pay the difference between the purchase price of the goods (or independent Professional valuation if a purchase receipt is not available) and a new valuation of the goods after damage has occurred.

3.9 Damaged items (from PSA to Ludkins and from Ludkins to owner). We shall pay the difference between the last average price sold of the last identical items on eBay and the goods after the damage has occurred.

4 Item(s) Damaged at PSA 

Bulk Tier:

4. 1 Damages will only be paid if PSA admit they were at fault.

4.2 Bulk Submission orders are capped at £200 per item despite PSA capping this at $99.

4.3 Should a card be damaged while at PSA. Ludkins Collectables will pay damages for the difference between the grade received and the lowest grade prediction of the card.

4.4 The price paid is determined by the current market value of the item(s) with a cap value based on the selected tier chosen. Bulk Tier is capped at £200.


Charizard Base Set Unlimited Holo:

Predicted: 9 – Value $230

Received: 6 – Value $75

Price difference of $155, which falls within the £200 cap.

4.5 Should an item obtain minor damage, but the item still falls within our predicted grade estimate, no value has been lost and thus no compensation will apply.

4.6 Should the item obtain major damage, and the final grade still falls within our predicted grade estimate, Ludkins will send the card back to PSA to be reassessed to determine the outcome of a claim.

4.7 Minor and Major damage will be assessed and determined by Ludkins at their discretion. 

Higher Tiers:

4.8 Items placed on to a higher tier will be subject to PSA's valuation of the item(s) submitted and their terms and conditions should they admit fault.

5 New Terms and Conditions for orders submitted from May 1st 2019

5.1 in accordance with PSA's new Terms and Conditions cards or other graded items will be up-charged according to their new graded value after grading has taken place. Please ask one of our friendly members of staff for further information regarding PSA's post graded charges.

5.3 When orders are up-charged based on the value while at PSA, you will be required to pay all up-charges relating to your submission(s). 

5.4 Payment will be required immediately. Should payment not made within 15 days, the submitter will be subject to additional charges set out in 2.6. It is our discretion whether we charge an upfront payment or await the PSA results.

5.5 Ludkins Collectables will state within a spreadsheet which card(s) will receive the up-charge. On occasion PSA may grade a card higher than our prediction which will also result in an up-charge. 

5.6 Should Ludkins Collectables not label all cards within the spreadsheet and an up-charge is required from PSA. The Submitter will still be liable.

5.7 All terms and conditions can be subject to change.

6 New Terms and Conditions for orders submitted from January 15th 2020

6.1 Ludkins no longer pre-screens Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. 

6.2 Ludkins no longer accepts "Dragon ball Z" cards for grading.

7 New Terms and Conditions for orders submitted from January 15th 2021

7.1 Ludkins now only Pre-screens Pokemon TCG, Final Fantasy TCG & Dragon Ball Super TCG.


PSA are likely to be impacted on all orders going forward. While we know they are focusing on 20 day orders as priority, we have never and neither have PSA guaranteed turnaround times. It has always been an estimate so any client sending grading with us should always expect slight delays during this time.

Do keep in mind our offers will always be faster than the general public but impact of the virus is not yet known.